Medical marijuana topic for Fort Smith’s Coffee with the Chief

The monthly community roundtable, Coffee with the Chief, was held at Calico County, 2401 S. 56th St., Thursday morning, and this month’s discussion centered on medical marijuana coming into the area and rumors about the Civil Service Commission.

“We’re planning on applying for a cultivation facility in Fort Smith, so we wanted to work with the police,” said local resident Storm Nolan.

“We want to make sure it’s more of a partnership, not a problem, and we can work together so marijuana doesn’t end up in the hands of kids or people who don’t have patient cards,” said Nolan’s stepbrother and future business partner, Kane Whitt. “We want to have a very cooperative relationship with the police regarding this.”

Both Nolan and Whitt said that Fort Smith police chief Nathaniel Clark was very receptive to what they had to say, and

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