Getting Healthy, Not High: Using Cannabis to Fight Cancer

Speak to the average person about cannabis and they may feel inclined to lower their voice. Perhaps briefly recall memories of wild nights in their college dorm, or never partook, but had friends who did. Some may have particularly strong views on it, based on general beliefs or personal experience.

Wherever you stand on the plant that’s discredited by many and revered by few, pretty soon you’ll be adjusting your stance. People are no longer using cannabis just to get high at parties or chill out on the beach; they’re using it to get healthy. And with the latest collaboration announced between Israel and the U.S, cannabinoid compounds could soon be fighting cancer.

A turbulent past.

Humans have been aware of the healing properties of cannabis for some eight thousand years. This multipurpose, nigh-miraculous plant was praised by the Chinese, Hindus and even Western society before becoming associated with

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