Homeless Activist Using Medical Cannabis To Fight Addiction

[Editor’s Note: Hoodline is participating in SF Homeless Project, a day when 30 area publications are covering issues related to homelessness.]

Amy Farah Weiss, founder of Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge, is working on a new strategy to address opioid addiction by providing houseless residents with access to medicinal cannabis.

“One of the issues at the encampments at present is that there are a lot of people using harsh drugs,” Weiss told Hoodline. “Heroin, meth, crack—they’re injecting drugs into their body and there is the risk of overdose and infections and spreading disease.”

photo: Mark/Flickr

Weiss, whose work is centered around harm reduction, said transitioning people into permanent housing can be a complicated, long, and arduous process. And finding a one-size-fits-all solution for houseless residents isn’t realistic, especially when it comes to dealing with addiction. 

A cannabis industry educator and homeless activist, Weiss said the idea came

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