Marijuana tied to more Colorado collisions but not fatalities, pair of studies says

Late last week, two new studies received a flurry of news coverage and at first blush appeared contradictory: An insurance-industry nonprofit found that collision claims had increased in states that legalized marijuana compared to others, while a paper published in an academic journal found no link between legalization and traffic fatalities.

Both fueled a now-predictable turn in the news cycle, producing headlines like, “Study: legal pot behind rise in car crashes” (CBS Denver) and “Auto crashes are on the rise in marijuana states” (CNBC).

There were also reports noting the apparent disconnect between the studies’ conclusions — that marijuana appeared to increase collisions, on the one hand, but have no affect on fatalities on the other.

Lost in the noise, some say, is the nuance of analyzing legal marijuana in its still-early stages and the peril of prematurely drawing conclusions in

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