Oregon College Students Consume More Cannabis Following Recreational Legalization: Study

Cannabis use is up among college students in Oregon following recreational legalization of the plant, according to a new study published in the journal Addiction.

Using information collected in the Healthy Minds Study – a national survey by the University of Michigan on college students’ wellbeing – researchers from Oregon State University compared cannabis consumption among college students before and after legalization.

They found that usage increased at several post-secondary schools across the country, but it rose more dramatically at the Oregon school. No institutions were identified in the study.

“It does appear that legalization is having an effect on usage, but there is some nuance to the findings that warrant further investigation,” said lead author David Kerr of the School of Psychological Science in OSU’s College of Liberal Arts.

“We found that overall, at schools in different parts of the country, there’s been an increase in marijuana use among college students,

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