Researchers figured out the amount of marijuana that helps people relax — and how much is too much

By Kevin Loria

Marijuana and relaxation have always had a bit of a funny relationship.

On the one hand, nearly half of cannabis users say that their goal is to relax. Yet many people are also familiar with the marijuana freak-out, or have seen a paranoid friend disappear from a party because they “just can’t handle it, it’s too much, man.”

So what gives? The simple answer is that feelings of panic probably mean someone has had too much — especially if they pulled a Maureen Dowd and ate an edible without knowing what they were getting into.

Knowing how much is too much can be hard, and a new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence shows just how easy it is to overshoot the target. The study investigates the amount of cannabis that can push someone from relaxed to anxious, and suggests that the quantity that helps people relax is

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