Cannabis Study: How THC Affects Learning and Memory at Different Ages

“All diseases run into one, old age.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

A recent study in mice sparked eye-catching headlines like, “Memory Loss From Old Age Could Be Reversed By Smoking Marijuana.” The idea is alluring, especially given the toll cognitive decline takes as we age: instead of leaving you dazed and confused, THC might actually help restore cognitive function in older individuals.

While the study made interesting observations about how THC affects learning and memory in young vs. older mice, it didn’t involve smoking or cannabis consumption. What did the study find, how did it work, and what are the implications for future human research?

Cannabinoids and Aging: What Did We Already Know?

We knew three basic things going into this recent study. First, young mice have stronger learning and memory abilities than older mice—no surprise there. Second, giving young mice THC generally makes them perform worse on

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