University of Mississippi Study Demonstrates the Dramatic Difference Fertilizers Can Make

The following is an excerpt from taken from “Eliminating Heavy-Metal Toxicity in Medical Marijuana, to Produce Patients’ Medicine Safer Than Drinking Water…” a research white paper authored by Julian Karadjov, Ph.D. of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, published with permission from Advanced Nutrients.

In this white paper, we covered the research and scientific proof that properly fertilized cannabis is safer for both the plant and the people consuming it. Next, we will show you the research confirming Advanced Nutrients fertilizers increase bud weight, THC and cannabinoids. Scientists are humans and may be biased. A second, independent opinion by other scientists emotionally detached from the testing is the highest standard of testing available. Let us give you the results of one such independent study confirming that Advanced Nutrients fertilizers are proven better than other hydroponic fertilizers. The then-only scientific institution authorized to carry out cannabis research in the USA—the Mississippi State

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