Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco Could Hurt Heart Health, Improve …

A new research study from University College London is the first to examine how cannabis and tobacco interact together when mixed.

Published in the journal Psychological Medicine, the study found that adding tobacco to a cannabis joint does not, as some consumers believe, affect the resulting high—although it could help counter the memory-impairing effects of cannabis consumption.

“There’s a persistent myth that adding tobacco to cannabis will make you more stoned, but we found that actually, it does nothing to improve the subjective experience,” the study’s lead author, clinical psychologist Chandni Hindocha, told University College London.

The study examined 24 “healthy, non-dependent but experienced users of cannabis and tobacco,” as each took part in four sessions. The sessions included smoking joints filled with various mixtures: cannabis and tobacco, cannabis and a placebo, tobacco and a placebo, or a placebo mixture entirely.

Researchers then tested participants’ episodic

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