Frustrations boil over at marathon cannabis study session

Tension between two elected officials and Calaveras County staff was revealed late Tuesday when it was reported a proposed cannabis cultivation ban could be delayed until October.

District 4 Supervisor Dennis Mills expressed displeasure with staff shortly after he said they requested an extension of a public comment period for an environmental impact report that has been circulating since April. He speculated it was an intentional attempt to delay the ban.

District 5 Supervisor Clyde Clapp concurred and went a step further. He said he even told Calaveras County Administrative Officer Tim Lutz to fire some of his staff. He called out Calaveras County Planning Director Peter Maurer because he didn’t have the faith Maurer could do his job.

District 2 Supervisor Jack Garamendi responded a short while later saying staff did not deserve the public scrutiny. He said they were hard-working individuals.

The sequence was uncharacteristic for a public setting, but in the

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