CURE Pharmaceutical Initiates Cancer Cannabis Study

CURE Pharmaceutical (OTCQB:CURR) is kicking off a first-ever clinical study to research cannabinoid compounds to treat leukemia and prostate cancer. Specifically, the company, along with its partner Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, will be testing to see if these cannabinoid molecules will attack tumorous cancer cells.

CURE Pharmaceutical is primarily a drug delivery company. It is headquartered in Oxnard, California, and is best known for its CureFilm, a thin oral film that helps medicine enter a patient’s bloodstream more quickly. CURE announced that it has entered into a partnership with Technion Research and Development Foundation to research different cannabinoid compounds to treat various types of cancer, including prostate and leukemia.

“It’s an area that hasn’t received attention,” said Rob Davidson, Chief Executive Officer of CURE. “There is strong anecdotal evidence, but we want to put some

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