Cannabis oil controlled drug rules lifted

Cannabis oil will be available from GPs the same as any other prescription drugs after the government moved to lift restrictions.

Cannabidoil, or CBD, has been a controlled substance under drug guidelines, meaning until now it has required prescriptions to be approved by Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne

He announced on Friday that Cabinet had approved his recommendation that restrictions be lifted based on advice from the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs.

Cannabidoil has little or no psychoactive effect but has been found to have therapeutic value.

“In practical terms, the change means CBD would be able to be prescribed by a doctor to their patient and supplied in a manner similar to any other prescription medicine,” Mr Dunne said.

At present Sativex, a mouth spray used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, is the only pharmaceutical-grade cannabidoil product approved by MedSafe for distribution in New Zealand.

Patients will be able to receive a three-month supply after the

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