Study: Cannabis Use May Subside Effects of Aging | Marijuana

A recent study by German researchers at the University of Bonn and Hebrew University concluded that “a chronic low dose of THC restores cognitive function in old mice” and could prevent human brains from “slowing down” later in life.

The researchers gave mice of varying ages daily doses of THC for one month straight. While two-month-old mice lost cognitive skills, the 12-18-month-old mice demonstrated a “considerable performance boost, even putting them on par with younger mice who’d abstained.”

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers tested the subject’s recognition of “familiar objects” and had the mice go through “a water maze in known and new configurations.” The group of elderly mice displayed no negative side effects from the THC while the younger mice lost cognitive skills.

All told, the older mice that consumed THC demonstrated noticeable improvements in test performance. The conclusion: a dose of THC a day boosts the endocannabinoid

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