Cannabis Plants in Zeolite Test Study Now in Flower

Vancouver, British Columbia (FSCwire)ASHBURTON VENTURES INC.
(ABR-TSX:V) (ARB-FRANKFURT)  (“Ashburton” or the “Company”)
is pleased to announce that scientific trials to test
the effect of zeolite in cannabis cultivation have reached the flowering stage of marijuana production.

Ashburton Ventures is conducting the first known scientific trials of cannabis cultivated with zeolite and carbon.
Clinoptilolite, the form of zeolite mined from Ashburton’s Z1 Quarry near Cache Creek, BC, is a volcanic mineral known to benefit
a range of agricultural crops. Studies show it to increase yields by 50% to 70%, while increasing vitamin content and decreasing
nitrates in fruits and vegetables. Clinoptilolite and coal are shown to enhance the production of barley. The Ashburton study was
inspired by anecdotal claims of similar increases to cannabis yields and quality.

“The numbers involved in this study will

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