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Following the passage of Proposition 64 in California, the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UC San Diego will receive two million dollars in funding per year for the study of medical marijuana. The money comes from two new taxes levied on the cultivation and sale of cannabis. The proposition, which legalized marijuana, also authorized local governments to place additional taxes on marijuana.

The Center for Medical Cannabis Research at UCSD studies the effects of marijuana on alleviating neuropathic pain stemming from a variety of causes such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and chronic back pain. Neuropathic pain is caused when nerves are damaged or dysfunctional. The CMCR is currently conducting research on the effects of cannabis on driving ability as well.

To test the effects of cannabis on driving, healthy volunteers are placed in a driving simulator

... read more at: http://ucsdguardian.org/2017/05/29/ucsd-researchers-test-effects-of-marijuana-on-driving-pain-with-prop-64-funding/

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