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Sunday, May 28, 2017

harm prevention message a must –

Government, police and health agencies need
clear guidelines for public campaigns on preventing harm
from cannabis use, according to new research from Massey

Carrie Drake, who graduated this week with a
Master of International Security, investigated the social
harms from cannabis (aka marijuana, pot, weed, grass, dope)
by interviewing police in countries where the drug is
legally available. Her findings come amid public debate
about possible law change in New Zealand.

Her study aimed
to find out what preventive measures are effective in
countries where cannabis is legalised, to help inform and
prepare New Zealand Police of likely outcomes if cannabis is
legalised here. She found that cannabis causes social harm
regardless of its legal status, including as a factor in
criminal and gang activity, in road accidents and in the... read more at:

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