Debate brews over Children’s Hospital marijuana study

DENVER — The debate over whether more teens are getting high since marijuana legalization is heating up following the release of a study from Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The study has found marijuana in more teens that are examined in the emergency room of Children’s Hospital in Aurora and its affiliated urgent care centers across the metro area. But the question remains–Are more teens, overall, consuming THC since legalization?

“The trend is there, and we also wanted to show that this is just another way to look at the data,” explained Dr. G. Sam Wang of Children’s Hospital.

The data in the study focuses on ER visits associated with marijuana-related symptoms. Dr. Wang looked at marijuana medical codes on patient charts and drug test results from 2005 to 2015. He found more than 100 teens showing signs of marijuana use visited his ER in 2005. That number jumped to 631 in 2014, according to

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