Army Veterans Ask Trump To Re-Schedule Cannabis For PTSD Research

Well…if you thought the push for common sense cannabis reform was just some misguided millennial progressive fantasy, I’m sorry to inform you that you’re sorely mistaken. 

Leadership for one of the leading American military veteran advocacy groups – the American Legion – are urging President Trump to make good on one of his central campaign promises: improving the lives of veterans.

The 98-year-old veterans’ organization has called on Trump to remove cannabis from its Schedule I classification, opening up legal space for clinical trials to test cannabis’ efficacy in treating PTSD and other ailments that our veterans deal with when they return home from combat.


(Photo: American Legion)

Under the Controlled Substances Act (passed at the height of President Richard Nixon’s disastrous War on Drugs in 1970), cannabis is listed alongside heroin, LSD and ecstasy as a Schedule I substance. Substances under that classification are defined as having a high potential

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