An Ounce of Hope

Rashmi Mullur and Ravi Aysola watched helplessly as their infant son seized again in their arms.

“There were days where I would hold my son and have that seizure happen 50 times in a row, incessantly, for hours
and hours during the day,” said Aysola, a pulmonologist and sleep doctor at UCLA. “All I could do as a father –
as a physician – was to hold him and say, ‘I’m here.’”

Just four and a half months after he was born with a congenital brain malformation, Siddharth Aysola began contracting
infantile spasms. Mullur and Aysola immediately drove their son to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center emergency
room. Within a week, Sidd started to experience seizures.

Mullur and Aysola spend their weekends looking after and playing with their children at home. (Jintak Han/Assistant Photo editor)

“I think one of the only good things about being a physician and a special needs parent is

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