Sign Us Up: WSU Needs Volunteers to Consume Cannabis | Leafly

Pullman, Washington, is not a town known for its cannabis consumption, but that could soon change. Researchers at Washington State University are in need of volunteers for a study to develop a breathalyzer that detects cannabis consumption.

Currently in Washington State, the drugged driving law specifies that drivers with five nanograms of active tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in their bloodstream can be prosecuted for driving under the influence.

According to WSU researcher Nathan Weller, the university’s research team felt there was a tremendous need for a quick-response detection technology like you find with alcohol field tests. Weller is also a member of the Pullman city council.

“We’re trying to create a roadside tool for law enforcement and businesses to detect if someone is inebriated or under the influence of marijuana,” Weller told KREM 2 News. “This is cutting edge – there is nothing in the

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