Student’s Cannabis Oil Legal In Georgia; Schools Say Otherwise

Each day about lunchtime at Warner Robins High School, 17-year-old CJ Harris must leave campus to take his medicine.

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His dad, Curtis Harris, drives to school, gets CJ out of class, and the two ride around the block or sometimes head home. CJ draws some cannabis oil in a syringe, squirts it under his tongue and waits for it to dissolve.


He’s been taking the medicine every six hours for the past four months for epilepsy.


“I haven’t had a seizure since,” the high school football player said.


The oil, derived from the cannabis plant, wasn’t a problem for administrators at First Presbyterian Day School, a private school in Macon. But the rules are different at public schools, the Harrises learned during a recent transfer process to Houston County.


“I told them about it, you know, ‘He takes (the) oil for his seizures … and that’s when they went into

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