People who use drugs may use cannabis and drug cocktails as a form of harm reduction

Unlike opioids, there is no medically recognised pharmacological
therapy for problematic crack cocaine use. Prior research has shown that
cannabis and its components, known as cannabinoids, can help people reduce
their use of opioids. Emerging evidence, including data from animal studies, suggests
cannabis may also reduce cravings for crack, possible by modulating reward
pathways in the brain.

Maria Eugenia Socias of the British Columbia Centre
on Substance Use presented findings from a study of harm reduction practices
among people who use crack in Vancouver. The results were also published in the September 2017
edition of the journal Addictive

“We found that
intentional cannabis use preceded declines in crack use among crack cocaine
users who pursued self-medication with cannabis,” Socias said.

The researchers looked at data from 2000 people
who use drugs from three prospective cohorts, focusing on those who reported
intentionally using cannabis to help control their crack use. They compared

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