Cannabis for kids: Some parents praise pot to treat autism, other disorders despite lack of research

ARIZONA — To say Brandy Williams was a desperate parent is an understatement.

“No mother should feel like a punching bag,” she said while describing what was happening with her little boy Logan.

“He was literally cocking his head back and smashing it forward on hard objects around our house. I had 30 dents in my middle front door. I had a hole in every single door in my home,” Williams said explaining her son’s destructive and self-injurious behavior.

A few years ago, Logan was diagnosed with a severe form of autism.

“He would rip his clothing off his body. He wouldn’t wear shoes. He wouldn’t sleep. He barely ate anything,” she said to a small crowd in Mesa last month. “We’ve been buying diapers for six years. I couldn’t even find a school that could work with his behaviors.”

That was William’s life before she decided to try a new treatment.

“It’s changed my life, so

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