Supervisors hold medical marijuana study session

THe San Benito County Board of Supervisors held an evening study session May 9 to give residents and interested parties the opportunity to hear an update and voice their concerns on the 27-page draft cannabis business ordinance. Before Victor Gomez, the former Hollister councilman whom the county hired to facilitate drafting the ordinance along with the marijuana ad hoc committee—Supervisors Robert Rivas and Mark Medina—began, chairman Supervisor Jaime De La Cruz cautioned that if those who wanted to speak strayed from the topic of medical cannabis he would “gavel” them off the podium.

Gomez covered familiar territory, laying out the course of Prop. 215, passed in 1996 legalizing medical use of marijuana; Prop. 64, passed in 2016 to legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana; and the work of the ad hoc committee over the past eight weeks. He said the committee had discussed a wide range of topics, from land use, cultivation sizes,

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