New Study Finds Some Cannabis Vape Oils Expose Users to High Formaldehyde Levels

Vaporizing cannabis has often been considered a healthier way to consume cannabis than smoking, but a new research study has revealed that some chemicals used in vaporizable cannabis oils could pose a health risk to users. The Medical Marijuana Research Institute, the research division of Arizona MMJ producer Harvest, Inc., tested popular cannabis oil thinning agents to determine whether harmful chemicals like formaldehyde were being released when vaporized.

The study, published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, explored two petroleum-based thinning agents, propylene glycol [PG] and polyethylene glycol 400 [PEG 400], and two natural thinners, vegetable glycerin [VG] and medium chain triglycerides [MCT]. All four agents were heated to 230 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature at which cannabis’ chemical compounds can be vaporized without burning.

The researchers found that “formaldehyde production from PEG 400 isolate was particularly high, with one inhalation accounting for 1.12 percent of

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