The Average Cannabis Customer Spends $600 A Year –

The stereotype of the cannabis consumer is a young guy with long hair and for extra points a tie-dye shirt. The reality is that a majority of cannabis consumers are professionals and steady customers for the dispensaries.

A new study from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition found that only 20 percent of cannabis consumers were from lower-income households. 35 percent make between $26,000 and $55,000 per year. The report also discovered that 27 percent have combined incomes over $75,000 and that they are professionals from all walks of life. The couch potato slacker is only a small part of the cannabis community.

These elevated consumers spend a lot of money on cannabis products each year – 19 percent spend $100 a month and 21 percent fork over $200 a month for marijuana. Premium customers spend over $300 a month on cannabis products. The average cannabis customer spends $600 a year

Larisa Bolivar, the author

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