Cannabis on the NHS: Boy is first to be given drug

As a baby, Billy Caldwell was so desperately unwell that doctors declared he wouldn’t see his first birthday. Born with a severe form of epilepsy and learning disabilities, he has cheated death thousands of times.

Billy, now aged 11, suffers from particularly vicious seizures which cannot be controlled by medication. But after years of ineffective treatment and – at its worst – suffering up to 100 fits a day, his condition is finally under control.

Last week, Billy became the first Briton to be prescribed medical marijuana on the NHS. The liquid cannabis oil – a natural plant extract – has led to him not suffering a single seizure in three months. What makes his story even more unusual is that the medication is not licensed for prescription here due to its links with narcotic cannabis.

The landmark case is likely to pave the way for more epilepsy sufferers

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