German Scientists Want To Study 25000 Cannabis Consumers – And The Pay Sure Is Tempting

Imagine a gig where your sole responsibility is to get high and be studied by a bunch of people in lab coats. Oh, and you’ll be paid in pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.  

Now stop imagining – because this is a real thing.

Berlin’s Research Initiative on Cannabis Consumption in Germany is seeking government approval to study 25,000 recreational cannabis consumers in hopes of gleaning a better understanding of the drug’s effects after several years of use.

The group submitted its application – entitled “Scientific Study on Cannabis Sequences for Mentally Healthy Adult Consumers” to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) earlier this month.

Recreational cannabis isn’t yet legal in Germany – as opposed to medical marijuana, which was legalized this January – but willing participants are already applying in droves. That might be partially because study participants are allotted 30 grams of pharmaceutical cannabis per

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