Missouri lawmaker wants to improve access to cannabis oil

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – One of two businesses licensed in Missouri to sell CBD oil used to treat patients with intractable epilepsy will be going out of business unless state lawmakers change the current law.

Mitch Meyers, CEO of Beleaf, which grows cannabis plants to make the oil, said it cut production to about 10 percent of what it’s capable of growing. Approximately 11,000 people in the state need cards to get the oil, but only 64 have them.

Neurologists issue the cards like prescriptions. State Representative Donna Baringer of District 82 is pushing lawmakers to pass House Bill 937, which calls for enhancing the use of CBD oil to include other neurological conditions and allow any board licensed doctor to issue cards to get it. Parents in need of the oil are going to other states to obtain it.

The bill, sponsored by Baringer, comes up in committee again next

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