Half of cancer patients using cannabis, say doctors

It’s a highly charged issue, and when it comes to medicinal cannabis, New Zealand – like many countries – is grappling with what to do about it.

Users have reported dramatic health benefits, and now some oncologists have told The Nation between 40 and 60 percent of their patients use it.

And support for its decriminalisation is coming from some unlikely quarters – such as Grey Power.

So rare and deadly is Dawn’s* type of cancer, she wasn’t given the option of chemotherapy.

“It’s a horrible, aching, umm piercing, stabbing pain,” she told The Nation. “Mostly I’ve got it on my left side, my tumours on my left side and they’re rubbing up against my plura.”

After beating breast cancer, she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She has 12 growing tumours – the pain is unrelenting and relief is hard to find.

“I’m probably in a unique position because I’ve tried everything.”

She had been on

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