Canadian Researchers Have Discovered 30 Individual Flavor-Producing Genes in Cannabis

Finding the weed that’s right for you isn’t always easy. If you don’t have access to legal weed in your home state/country getting your hands on a specific strain can be damn-near impossible, and even if you do have a dispensary around the corner, one store’s stash of Platinum OG could look, smell and smoke completely different from another.

Thankfully, researchers in Canada are working to make cannabis strains and flavors more standardized and easily identifiable – and it’s all thanks to science.

According to CTV News, a team lead by Prof. Jorg Bohlmann at the University of British Columbia has isolated 30 terpene-producing genes within the cannabis genome. The genes are ascribed to specific flavors and aromas and will theoretically lead to more approachable, standardized strain classifications, similar to the varieties seen in the wine industry (OK, hopefully a little less confusing than wine).

The team has identified the 30

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