A deadly plague of cannabis oil pedlars | Daily Maverick

Like most people who value individual freedom from government regulation, I approve of the worldwide movement towards legalising cannabis, both for medical and recreational use. Hell, I favour legalising all drugs, for several excellent reasons which do not involve the claim that drug use does no harm.

However, with individual freedom comes individual responsibility. There are many things you can do legally that will harm you, or even kill you. An example played itself out in the pages of Daily Maverick. The late IFP MP, Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in April 2013. Unsurprisingly for an advanced, metastasised case of cancer, doctors gave him little hope of survival. In November of the same year, however, he penned a heartfelt article, railing against the medical establishment over its alleged failure with respect to cancer. He wrote: “Predictions and prognosis notwithstanding, I am still alive

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