Home Culture Five of the Most Important and Interesting Cannabis Studies of 2016


We’ve seen some great things happen within the cannabis industry in 2016. Legal sales are at an all time high, the potential for jobs in the sector continues to increase, and many scientific studies have debunked age-old cannabis myths while uncovering other positive things about the versatile plant medicine. Here are five of the most interesting of these studies.

Cannabis Use During Pregnancy Is Virtually Safe

One of the reports smashing antiquated stigmas about cannabis was a study published by the journal Obstetrics Gynecology, finding that cannabis use by a pregnant mother does not adversely affect the growing fetus. The study showed no increased likelihood of preterm births or the baby being born with low body weight. The researchers also concluded that there were no increased risks of miscarriage. The study analyzed data from 130,000 pregnant participants, about 8,000

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