Florida senator wants state to pay for marijuana research

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The federal government still classifies cannabis as a dangerous drug with no benefits, and as a result, there has been little research into why the drug seems to be medicinal or the long-term effects of its high. But one powerful state senator wants to change that.

Banned in the 30s, marijuana got a bad rap until use spread like wildfire in the 60s.

Pot remained a hot potato for Florida politicians for more than 50 years. Then, two years ago, two mothers — Holly Mosley and Page Figi — lobbied for the first low-TCH bill, telling lawmakers nothing else would help their seizure-ridden daughters.

One powerful state senator said we need to know a lot more. State Sen. Bill Galvano wants the state to pay for research.

“We are relying on anecdotal evidence,” Galvano said. “We have a dearth of research from the feds for a variety of reasons, and it’s

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