4 Promising Cannabis Studies and Research from 2016 Nick Jikomes

2016 wasn’t exactly a great year for many people, but for the booming legal cannabis industry, there were some historic victories. Not only did eight of nine states approve ballot measures for adult-use or medical cannabis in November, but there’s been quite a bit of interesting research related to the effects of cannabis legalization.

Contrary to the dire predictions of prohibitionists, society is not crumbling due to the fact that hundreds of millions of Americans live in states with legal medical or adult cannabis. In fact, many studies are showing that ending prohibition may have a number of positive outcome for societal health (beyond increased freedom and tax revenue).

Below is a short summary of four studies from this past year that show 2016 wasn’t all bad.

Cannabis Study #1: The Effect of Medical Marijuana on Sickness Absence

The Effect of Medical Marijuana on Sickness Absence
Major finding:

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