Studies Confirm Cannabis Does Not Lower Teen IQ

Researchers have been trying to track down the link between cannabis use and intelligence for decades. You know the stereotypes. But what does the research show? One of the longest studies ever conducted has finally confirmed it. Cannabis does not lower teen IQ.

In October 2012, researchers issued a major study conducted over thirty years. The study claimed that cannabis consumption lowered the user’s “intelligence quotient” or IQ. According to the study, those effects were worse if the subject was a persistent cannabis user. And it’s not the only study that has claimed marijuana causes a decline in neuropsychological ability.

Studies Confirm Cannabis Doesn’t Lower Teen IQ

Studies Confirm Cannabis Does Not Lower Teen IQ

But four years later, researchers released a study that challenged the 2012 research. In fact, there were two studies. Both studies compared two groups of adolescents.

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