Organizers Launch Grass Poll, Largest Cannabis Consumer Survey in Dutch History

Visitors to coffeeshops visitors in the Netherlands over the next few months might run into a team of pollsters dressed in bright yellow sweaters. Don’t be alarmed—they’re on the road to promote the Grass Poll, the biggest survey of cannabis consumers in Dutch history.

“The purpose of Grass Poll is to give cannabis consumers a voice in the debate and activate them if necessary,” Nicole Maalsté, one of the country’s best-known cannabis experts, told Leafly.

The poll is a cooperative effort. “It’s a survey of and by cannabis consumers,” said Maalsté, who has been researching the cannabis industry since the 1990s and has published three books and numerous articles on the subject. She and partner Michael Panhuysen devised the survey along with organizations such as the VOC (Union for the Abolition of Cannabis Prohibition), WeSmoke, the Mediwiet Foundation, medical cannabis social club Suver Nuver, and the patient-advocacy group PGMCG.

Organizers are promoting the

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