Migraine sufferer finds relief in cannabis-derived oil

Colette Frawley (61), who has suffered excruciating and debilitating migraines since childhood, recently discovered cannabidiol (CBD) oil, a derivative of cannabis. It has, she says, changed her life.

Having been on “every painkiller in the book” since 10, she is now off all painkillers. Instead she takes instead three drops of CBD oil three times a day.

“A friend who is suffering with cancer told me about it, saying it was good for pain. I had never taken an illegal substance in my life but I was at the stage where I would have eaten cement if I thought it would help.

Severe pain

“I was diagnosed around 1981 with an AVM [arterivenous malformation – an abnormal connection between arteries and veins causing intense pain] and an aneurysm in my brain. It manifest itself as very severe pain, like a needle being stabbed into my skull over

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