New research suggests cannabis could enhance night vision

Cannabis can have some pretty strange effects on our bodies, but new research suggests there’s another potential benefit of the drug – better night vision.

A study in tadpoles has shown that the drug can make cells in the retina more sensitive to light, and it could not only help people see better in low light, but it could also treat degenerative eye conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa.

It sounds pretty crazy, but this isn’t the first time it’s been reported that cannabis could improve night vision.

As Mo Costandi reports for The Guardian25 years ago, pharmacologist M. E. West from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica reported that local fisherman who smoked weed or drank rum made from the leaves and stems of cannabis plants had “an uncanny ability to see in the dark”.

The same thing was rumoured to be happening to Moroccan fisherman and mountain dwellers who

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