DCP rolls out guidelines for medical marijuana research proposals

The Department of Consumer Protection will begin accepting applications for Medical Marijuana research proposals on Oct. 1.

The Legislature’s decision to allow for in-state research will strengthen Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program and open opportunities for high-tech employment in the state. In addition, rigorous scientific studies will strengthen the medical community’s ability to assess the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana for treating qualifying conditions.

The program currently employs 259 people in the state and, with the introduction of highly skilled, well-paid research positions, the number of those employed in the field could increase significantly.

Eligible applicants for research proposals include hospitals or health care facilities, institutions of higher education, licensed medical marijuana producers, and licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

“We are excited to have serious research take place in Connecticut and look forward to approving any proposal that meets our requirements,” said Deputy Commissioner Michelle Seagull.

Of the 25 states (and Washington, D.C.)

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