Study: Smoking one marijuana joint makes you lazy — but only while you’re high

I was gonna go to work but then I got high
I just got a new promotion but I got high
Now I’m selling dope and I know why
‘Cause I got high
Because I got high
Because I got high

Afroman’s 2001 hit Because I Got High tells a potentially important story: smoking cannabis makes you lazy and demotivated. In fact, the fable of the lazy stoner has been around for decades. But is there good evidence in support of it?

Two studies we have been working on have investigated the claim that cannabis leads to reduced motivation. We found that when you give people the equivalent of one spliff’s worth of cannabis, under controlled conditions in a laboratory, they are less willing to work for money. In other words, they are not as motivated as usual. However, we also compared people who are addicted to cannabis with a

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