Cannabis Seeds A New Image: New Study Shows Weed Makes Workers Less Prone To Absenteeism

Cannabis seeds a new image and a new way of thinking about weed. A new study that takes a look at sick day statistics reveals surprising data. Employees are using fewer sick days since their states have legalized medical marijuana. There is an 8 percent overall decrease in employees using sick days in 24 states, and those are the states where weed has been legalized.

The weed legalization argument could be significantly strengthened by the study. It seems that the more relaxed the state regulation of cannabis, the less absenteeism was reported. States with fewer restrictions in their marijuana laws show a more dramatic improvement, with a 13 percent reduction in employees using sick days.

The New Study by Darin F Ullman titled “The Effect of Medical Marijuana on Sickness Absence” shows exactly the opposite of what the experts predicted. It calls into question old ideas about cannabis, seeds a new

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