The heroin epidemic led to 174 overdoses in 6 days in Cincinnati

On average, Cincinnati has around four drug overdose reports each day. But last week, in a string of six days, nearly 30 overdoses were reported per day — with the final toll after six days reaching 174 overdoses.

The toll, reported by the Washington Post and Cincinnati Enquirer, is just the latest in the horrific opioid painkiller and heroin epidemic that’s killed tens of thousands of Americans each year for the past several years. At least three people died from the 174 overdoses in Cincinnati.

The latest outbreak of overdoses, according to officials, was potentially caused by heroin laced with the extremely potent opioid carfentanil, which is typically used for large animals, including elephants. Officials say the overdoses may be linked to the same contaminated batch of heroin. But they have not isolated the heroin yet, and they’re not sure that carfentanil was truly the culprit.

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