July 2016

Getty As we see more legalization, and less stigmatization put upon using the cannabis plant as medicine, more medical and science professionals are making their voices heard to protest the absurd classification of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act. Thankfully, there are currently several bold researchers and scientists who are stepping up to speak out […]

Want to drop some weight? To lighten up, the key may be lighting up. Teetering on the line between taboo and total acceptance, marijuana has finally penetrated the fitness community, owing to benefits beyond the celebrated side effect of just getting high. Medical research has revealed other effects of smoking weed that can actually contribute […]

Flickr @ Mark Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (or ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, as it is more commonly known) has gained media and public popularity all over the world. ALS is a fatal, progressive neurodegenerative condition that occurs as a result of selective loss of motor neurons in the brain […]

Institutions across the country soon will be looking to Colorado State University-Pueblo as a pioneer in marijuana research that will bring together state officials, local governments and others to search for answers in this complicated new field. The university is set to become the first regional comprehensive university to conduct marijuana research. As part of […]