The Latest Research on Cannabis Use and Testing, Premature Death, and Labs-on-a-Chip to Be Featured at the 68th …

Researchers from Calgary Laboratory Services in Canada will also present a study on a new urine test to detect cannabis and its metabolites that is accurate and cost-effective.

Halving premature death. Though death in old age is inevitable, death before old age is not, according to Sir Richard Peto, MSc, of the University of Oxford, who will deliver a plenary presentation on how this idea could become reality. Peto will give an overview of the major causes of death in different parts of the world, with a focus on preventable causes of mortality such as tobacco, which still accounts for six million deaths worldwide each year. He will also explain how global efforts to tackle these preventable causes could cut rates of premature death in half.

Innovative technology. John T. McDevitt, PhD, of the College of Dentistry of New York University, will delve into the programmable

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