Medical marijuana research comes out of the shadows | PBS …

JUDY WOODRUFF: But, first: how science is increasingly considering the possibilities of medical marijuana as conventional medicine for some cases.

Science correspondent Miles O’Brien has the second of his two reports on this for our weekly series The Leading Edge.

MILES O’BRIEN, Science Correspondent: It’s a landmark place, and time, on the long road to bring medicinal marijuana into the scientific mainstream.

The New England Treatment Access, or NETA, dispensary in Brookline, Massachusetts, is housed in a Beaux-Arts bank building built in the 1920s, a cathedral of cannabis.

Paul Breeden has been coming here to treat chronic pain since the dispensary opened in February.

PAUL BREEDEN: I have been praying for this day all my life. I have been fighting for this day all my life. I’m a son of a minister. I believe God created marijuana. Humans don’t know how God works.

MILES O’BRIEN: Look at that thing.

NETA is a nonprofit, serving

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