Ex-NFL players take part in latest cannabis-related treatment study

More than two dozen former NFL players will take part in a new study of whether whole-plant cannabis is more effective than isolated compounds in treating and managing their pain, The Denver Post reported.

The study, led by Dutch researcher Dr. Arno Hazekamp in conjunction with cannabis-extract producer Constance Therapeutics and the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, will be conducted in California, where marijuana is legal for medical use and soon could be for recreational purposes, too.

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe, who used marijuana while playing and continues to today for pain relief related to four knee surgeries and years of football wear and tear, is among some 30 former players who have volunteered for the new study.

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He told The Post that the California study raises awareness of alternatives to opioids for treating current and former players’ pain, but also could prompt the league and NFLPA to revise its substance-abuse policy.

“The way the NFL

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