July 2016

JUDY WOODRUFF: But, first: how science is increasingly considering the possibilities of medical marijuana as conventional medicine for some cases. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien has the second of his two reports on this for our weekly series The Leading Edge. MILES O’BRIEN, Science Correspondent: It’s a landmark place, and time, on the long road to […]

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Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that slowly shuts down the brain and eventually leads to death. But a new study gives patients and their families hope that marijuana could help. Researchers at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies published a study in the June journal of Aging and Mechanisms of Disease announcing the discovery of a compound present in […]

Only four days before the official summer solstice, the air is hot and heavy, the sky cloudless. The road along the highway is spotted with shrubbery, gas stations, and occasionally vast rows of crop, somehow withstanding, even thriving under the tenacious desert sun.  Driving south from Tel Aviv along Ayalon Highway, the scenery looks almost […]

x Embed x Share Within a month or two, Arizona researchers will accept applications for 38 veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder to participate in a study in north Phoenix on medical marijuana’s effects on the disorder. Wochit A new study in Arizona will research the effects of marijuana on veterans with PTSD.(Photo: Multidisciplinary Association […]

No, this is not a public call to action to make like Snoop Dogg and smoke weed everyday per se. But if science is any indication, when applied topically, cannabis can be beneficial to your beauty routine. Here, an impressive amount of reasons you should consider a cannabis-infused hair treatment or skin elixir. Your Hair: […]