Podcast: In Depth with Ian Austin – Should infants consume cannabis oil to treat medical conditions?

As a two-year-old epileptic, Kyla Williams suffers up to 200 seizures a day.

Her Summerland family was told there was no medical solution, but they searched the Internet and found that cannabis oil could control her seizures – despite the fact Health Canada doesn’t approve its use.

Grandmother Elaine Nuessler and grandfather Chris Nuessler – a retired RCMP officer – have taken up the cause to make cannabis products legal for medical use.

We also speak with expert Dr. Jonathan Page of Anandia Labs, a UBC adjunct professor in botany who sequenced the cannabis genome.

Visit MedicalCannabisForSickKids.com for more information about Kyla Williams and her family’s advocacy for research into medical cannabis for sick children.

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