Weed-Like Drug Studies Cancelled in a Huge Blow to PTSD Research

A lead medical researcher at New York University has been dismissed and several clinical studies shut down after protocol violations were discovered in a trial on the effects of a cannabis-like drug for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, the New York Times has reported. The news comes as a huge blow to PTSD sufferers, and in particular to trial participants, who must now accept that the sacrifices they made for the research came to nothing.

Diane Ruffcorn was one of the participants in a trial led by Pfizer, which took images of patients’ brains while they were taking either an experimental drug developed to mimic the effects of marijuana or a placebo. She writes about her life as a survivor of childhood abuse and as a guinea pig for PTSD research.

“To say that I am extraordinarily disappointed would be a gross understatement,” Ruffcorn wrote on

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